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Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon from a Liminalist Perspective

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Bredendick, Nancy. “Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon from a Liminalist Perspective.” In The Trellis Papers 3, edited by Manuel Aguirre and Belén Piqueras, 3-12. Madrid: Gateway Press, 2007.


After defining the dualist and transitional nature of liminality, Bredendick applies those perimeters to Death in the Afternoon, a work that juxtaposes bullfighting with the fine arts. Examines how Hemingway blends both a literary and documentary style in his balance of aficionado and non-aficionado cultures. Bredendick focuses on the work’s paratextual elements (e.g. title, frontispiece, dust jacket), the narrator’s conversations with the Old lady, Belmonte’s art of toreo, Faulkner’s writing, and El Greco’s painting. Concludes that much in Death in the Afternoon “that is apparently extraneous and irrelevant functions, obliquely and poetically, as a rhetorical tool to persuade and inform, and to bring readers to an appreciation of the art of bullfighting by bridging the gap between whatever idea about it they bring with them to the book and the perspective on it held by a competent aficionado.”

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