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Hemingway and the Harvard Poets

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Fondazione Luca, ed. Hemingway and the Harvard Poets. Museo Hemingway e della Grande Guerra-Fondazione Luca Onlus, 2020.

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Ernest Hemingway and Henry Serrano Villard: In Bassano and Love


Study of the American literati serving in the American Red Cross ambulance corps headquartered at Villa Cá Erizzo in Bassano, Italy during World War I. Covers more generally the contributions to the war effort made by Harvard alumni and others connected to the university before turning to individual biographical essays illuminating the wartime experiences and literary careers of Hemingway, John Dos Passos, Sydney Fairbanks, Dudley Poore, and John Howard Lawson, all stationed at the villa in Bassano (now site of the Hemingway Museum). Includes a preface by the museum’s curator describing the villa’s impressive architecture, extensive gardens, and collection of artworks as would have been seen by the young Harvard students stationed there.



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