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Hemingway and Ho Chi Minh in Paris: The Art of Resistance


David Crowe

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Crowe, David. Hemingway and Ho Chi Minh in Paris: The Art of Resistance. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2020.


Literary biography/history exploring how both men's literary and political perspectives were shaped by their experiences in 1920s Paris. Though they probably never met, both embraced modernism and the full range of arts and ideas of the era. Crowe discusses striking parallels in their lives and experiences leading up to and during their time spent in Paris, including their Victorian background, religious training, and World War I disillusionment. Crowe argues that both men were drawn to the City of Light, where the movement to reform Western civilization's traditions and values was already underway, to learn the "art of resistance," to use language to bring about revolutionary change for the exploited and oppressed. Discusses In Our Time, A Farewell to Arms, A Moveable Feast, and The Sun Also Rises. Draws on biographies, histories, memoirs, correspondence, and other resources. Includes endnotes, index, and bibliography.



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