The Hemingway Bibliography


Shaping the Life: Hemingway Biographies since 2000


Kirk Curnutt

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Book Chapter


del Gizzo, Suzanne and Kirk Curnutt, eds. The New Hemingway Studies. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2020.


This survey provides an updated starting point for evaluating the evolution of biographical approaches to Hemingway. Summarizing book-length biographies of the last 20 years-that is, following the publication of Michael Reynolds's five-volume opus and ground-breaking scholarly works by Carl P. Eby and Debra A. Moddlemog-Curnutt finds at least two significant trends. One involves narrowly focused works intending to illuminate perceived critical junctures in Hemingway's life in close detail. These appeared with varying degrees of new material and a range of authorial attitudes and approaches (including the art of digression, juxtaposition, and, in one notable case, contempt for Hemingway). The other style takes a wider, full-life view, with similarly varied results. Among books earning Curnutt's extended attention are John Hemingway's Strange Tribe: A Family Memoir, Valerie Hemingway's Running With the Bulls: My Life With the Hemingways, two books by Terry Mort on the World War II years, and full-life works by James M. Hutchisson and Verna Kale.





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