The Hemingway Bibliography


Object Studies and Keepsakes, Artifacts, and Ephemera

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Book Chapter


del Gizzo, Suzanne and Kirk Curnutt, eds. The New Hemingway Studies. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2020.


Connects Hemingway's reputation as a "hoarder" of the stuff of life with his use of material objects as a way of replicating a sense of daily existence in his writing. Except for fleeting attention by "object theorists," scholarly attention to Hemingway "things" has been slight yet they offer a wealth of opportunity. Notes how materials have been documented and prioritized at two major repositories-the Hemingway Collection at the JFK Library and Museum in Boston and the Hemingway Museum at the Finca Vigia in Cuba. Explores the value of recent books that present handsomely reproduced archival treasures from, respectively, the JFK and the Hemingway archives in Oak Park, Illinois. Traces how object and material culture studies have been applied to Hemingway in limited ways in conference papers and journal articles, while suggesting they remain "a wide-open field" and that the stuffed-to-the gills archives offer young scholars boundless discoveries waiting to happen.





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