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Hemingway and Queer Studies

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Book Chapter


del Gizzo, Suzanne and Kirk Curnutt, eds. The New Hemingway Studies. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2020.


Recounts the near simultaneous appearance of scholarly queer studies and new ideas on Hemingway's life and work engendered by the publication of The Garden of Eden in 1986, resulting eventually in the idea of "queer Hemingway," though "not always a Hemingway grounded by queer theorizing." Moddelmog surveys the two major strains of critical attention to sexuality and gender in Hemingway-the psychoanalytic and sociohistorical-which emerged and expanded in the last two decades. Current and recent studies have only begun to consider variations on queer studies that deal with race and nationalism, for example, and to approach Hemingway through the lens of trans studies. Argues that further work should dig deeper into Hemingway's oeuvre, beyond the usual sources in these fields-The Garden of Eden, The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms, "Mr. and Mrs. Elliot," and "The Sea Change"; into the biographical record and correspondence; and to locate him in the emergent ideas of queer modernity.





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