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New World Order, Old World Ways: Hemingway's Colonialism and Postcolonialism

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Book Chapter


del Gizzo, Suzanne and Kirk Curnutt, eds. The New Hemingway Studies. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2020.


Observing that the publication in 1999 of True at First Light launched a new era of criticism focused on Hemingway and colonialism, Dudley surveys mileposts in the search for understanding his attitudes especially as they are revealed in the African works, beginning with Green Hills of Africa. Highlights critical comparisons of the accounts of Hemingway's two safaris, 20 years apart, and the evolution of his portrayals of African history and politics, which prompts questions and conflicting opinions about his growth as an observer and/or his blindness. Suggests that scholarship on Hemingway's contextual grasp of African history, or lack thereof, is in its early stages as is similar research into his understanding of Cuban history and contexts. By focusing on To Have and Have Not and The Old Man and the Sea and suggesting that Islands in the Stream, for one, has been little touched, the author illustrates how much material remains to be adequately examined, especially in terms of post-colonial considerations. Concludes with a series of cogent questions, such as "And what part has Hemingway studies played in shaping Cuban culture itself, both before and after the fall of Batista and the rise of Castro?"





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