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The Old Man and the Minotaur: Ernest Hemingway as Fictionalized Celebrity

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Penner Timothy. “The old man and the minotaur: Ernest Hemingway as fictionalized celebrity.” Celebrity Studies, December 17, 2020:


Explores popular culture’s continued fascination with and appropriation of Hemingway’s celebrity persona to the extent that the fictionalized character of Hemingway has eclipsed the historical Hemingway. Penner examines the role of cinematic media in Woody Allen’s film Midnight in Paris (2011) and television series such as Timeless (2017) and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (2018) in shaping Hemingway’s image that has resulted in a recognizable but inaccurate representation focused on his hyper-masculinity and adventurous lifestyle rather than his literary output. Penner concludes, “In a strange reversal of the actor/character dichotomy, the fictionalized celebrity Hemingway is now ‘playing the part’ of Hemingway, the historical figure, in the popular imaginary.”

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Celebrity Studies



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