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Almost Hemingway: The Adventures of Negley Farson, Foreign Correspondent

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Bowman, Rex and Carlos Santos. Almost Hemingway: The Adventures of Negley Farson, Foreign Correspondent. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2021.


Biography of the once celebrated journalist, best-selling author, and world adventurer who may have out-Hemingwayed Hemingway. A contemporary of Hemingway, Farson was known for his daring pursuit of frontline stories, including covering the London Blitz, meeting with Hitler, and breaking the story of Gandhi's 1930 arrest. Bowman and Santos note striking parallels in the authors' lives as men of action, such as their participation in two world wars and shared love of fishing, hunting, women, and alcohol. Though the two never met, Hemingway owned two copies of Farson's Going Fishing (1942). Speculates on why Hemingway's writing has stood the test of time while Farson's has faded into history. Scattered references to Hemingway throughout. Draws on biographies, memoirs, letters, and other resources. Includes index.



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