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That Other Hemingway: The Master Inventor

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Brasch, James D. That Other Hemingway: The Master Inventor. Victoria, B.C.: Trafford, 2010.


On Hemingway’s life in Cuba. Brasch provides a context for his Hemingway’s Library: A Composite Record (1981), a catalog of Hemingway’s immense library at the Finca Vigía (now available online from the John F. Kennedy Library). Surveys those volumes devoted to poetry and art (e.g., Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, Charles Baudelaire, Lord Byron, and Paul Cézanne) to reveal the breadth of Hemingway’s intellectual curiosity and suggests that “knowledge, not experience, was the source of invention.” Interviews with Hemingway’s personal physician and friend Dr. José Luis Herrera Sotolongo describe Hemingway’s activities during the Spanish Civil War and sympathy for the Cuban Revolution. Examines Hemingway’s correspondence with Malcom Cowley and Bernard Berenson, reconstructing his complicated relationship with each man and revealing the depth of his loneliness while living in Cuba. Concludes with logs of their correspondence and an inventory of books by and about Hemingway in Berenson’s personal library.



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