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Hemingway and Italy: Twenty-First-Century Perspectives

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Cirino, Mark and Mark P. Ott, eds. Hemingway and Italy: Twenty-First-Century Perspectives. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2017.

Book Chapters

Hemingway and Italy: An Introduction

Address to the Hemingway Society Congress: Venice, June 22, 2014

Remembering Ernest Hemingway: And the Sad Epilogue of a Hero Described in the Novel Across the River and into the Trees

Ernest, Hadley, and Italy

Views of Venice before Hemingway

Torcello: From John Ruskin and Henry James to Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway at Lignano Sabbiadoro and in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

The Many Faces of Defeat: Italian Ideological Contexts in Frederic Henry’s Caporetto

Reading and Not Reading The Black Pig in A Farewell to Arms

"What If You Are Not Built That Way?" H. G. Wells and the Conflict of Science and Faith in A Farewell to Arms

"I Was in Italy...and I Spoke Italian": The Cosmopolitan Battlefield of A Farewell to Arms

Artifice and Reality: The Blending of Venice and America in Across the River and into the Trees

Across the River and into the Trees: A Trigonometric Mirror

The Italian Translation of Across the River: Will It Ever Reach the Juncture?

Across the Associate Editorship of the Harvard Lampoon and onto the Wall above the Urinal: The Reach and Legacy of E. B. White’s "Across the Street and into the Grill"

Dear Children (Good and Bad), You Are Cordially Invited to a Roasting of Instructional Literature

A "Very Complicated" Diet for a Lion: The Function of Food and Drink in "The Good Lion"



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