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Ernest Hemingway: Artifacts from a Life

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Katakis, Michael. Ernest Hemingway: Artifacts from a Life. New York: Scribner, 2018.


Compilation of photographs, documents, and memorabilia culled by the manager of Hemingway’s literary estate from the vast collection at the Kennedy Library. Includes essays by former library director Tom Putnam addressing how Hemingway’s papers came to be housed there and granddaughter Carol Hemingway on the process of recreating the “homey” ambiance of the Finca Vigía in the Hemingway Research Room. Sandra Spanier, general editor of the Hemingway Letters Project, discusses her continued fascination with the author along with the importance of Hemingway’s letters as a “vivid and spontaneous real-time record of his life and times.” Features a foreword by son Patrick, afterword by grandson Seán, and biographical timeline but no index. Volume would have benefited from additional explanatory notes identifying people, places, and dates associated with the artifacts.



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