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The Hemingway Bibliography is for anyone seeking an easily accessible resource for determining the most useful scholarship on Hemingway for their own investigative enquiries. In addition to covering the years 1990 through 2005, this online database integrates all of the annotated bibliographies appearing since 2006 in The Hemingway Review and is updated annually. For the most recent bibliographical update, see Kelli A. Larson and Steve Paul’s “Current Bibliography” in the latest issue of The Hemingway Review which is published twice per year.

For articles appearing in more than one publication, we cite both publications because one may prove easier for the reader to access. We also note when an article has been significantly revised in a later publication, with the later publication’s annotation reflecting that revision. When critics directly square off against each other, we cross reference their responses so that readers understand the nature of their debate. And for those few items we were unable to access, we have included the ISBN or ISSN number for readers interested in pursuing them.

Today, The Hemingway Bibliography database spans three decades with nearly three thousand entries.

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