Additional Bibliographies and Publications

Linda W. Wagner’s comprehensive annotated bibliography, Ernest Hemingway: A Reference Guide (Boston: G. K. Hall, 1977)

  • Hemingway’s nascent critical reputation from the 1920s through the mid-1970s
  • Contains over 2,200 entries

Audre Hanneman’s Ernest Hemingway: A Comprehensive Bibliography (Princeton: Princeton UP, 1967) and Supplement (1975)

  • Excellent resources for secondary and primary materials through 1973

Kelli A. Larson’s Ernest Hemingway: A Reference Guide, 1974-1989 (Boston: G. K. Hall, 1990)

  • Picks up where Wagner’s and Hanneman’s work left off, recording the wave of Hemingway scholarship during the watershed years when a vast collection of the author’s manuscript materials and letters opened at Boston’s John F. Kennedy Library (1980)
  • Covers fifteen years with over 1,700 entries

Hemingway Society

  • Founded in 1980
  • Runs the Ernest Hemingway Foundation which was established in 1965 by Mary Hemingway
  • Takes the lead in advancing Hemingway studies

The Hemingway Review