The Hemingway Bibliography
The Hemingway Bibliography is a searchable online database consisting of the most comprehensive record of annotated Hemingway-related scholarship published worldwide in English from 1990 to the present, including articles, book chapters, books, and online resources. Entries are arranged alphabetically by author within their year of publication. Search by title, author, subject, keyword, date, publisher, or periodical title.


Submissions from 2012

Essay: "An Attention That Is Almost Holy": The Spirit of Provence in Durrell and Hemingway, Matthew Nickel

Article: Hemingway’s Early Stories and Sketches, Charles J. Nolan Jr.

Book Chapter: A Shared Language of American Modernism: Hemingway and the Black Renaissance, Mark P. Ott

Book Chapter: Hemingway’s Lost Presence in Baldwin’s Parisian Room: Mapping Black Renaissance Geographies, Joshua Parker

Article: The Old Men and the "Sea of Masscult": T S Eliot, Ernest Hemingway, and Middlebrow Aesthetics, Thomas Gordon Perrin

Essay: Martha Gellhorn, Margaret J. Poston

Article: A Spy Who Made His Own Way: Ernest Hemingway, Wartime Spy, Nicholas Reynolds

Internet Resource: How Ernest Hemingway’s Cats Became a Federal Case, Warren Richey

Article: The Canonization of Western Writers in the Soviet Union in the 1930s, Nailya Safiullina

Book Chapter: Looking for a Place to Land: Hemingway’s Ghostly Presence in the Fiction of Richard Wright, James Baldwin, and Ralph Ellison, Charles Scruggs

Article: Reading Hemingway’s Baudelaire, Alex Shakespeare

Article: An Interview with Paula McLain, Author of The Paris Wife, Gail Sinclair

Article: Ernest Hemingway and the Bullfighter Primer: Genre, Ideology, and Tragedy, Randall Spinks

Article: Hemingway and Lawrence at the Bullfights with Brett Ashley and Ethel Cane, Ben Stoltzfus

Essay: Copycats, Michael Szalay

Article: Queering Sexual Practices in "Mr. and Mrs. Elliot", Chikako Tanimoto

Article: Some Post-Fishing Thoughts on Hemingway and Writing, John Voelker

Article: Traumatizing Arcadia: Postwar Pastoral in The Sun Also Rises, Michael Von Cannon

Article: "Introduction" to Special Section: Michigan Memories and Michigan Writers on Hemingway, Joseph J. Waldmeir

Book: War in Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bells Tolls, Gary Wiener

Article: Defusing Violence: Maneuvering Confrontation in The Sun Also Rises, Rachel Willis

Book Chapter: Cane and In Our Time: A Literary Conversation about Race, Margaret E. Wright-Cleveland

Article: Rebecca Brown’s Disidentificatory Reading of Canonical Minimalism: Placing Anti-Abjection on the Literary Agenda, Lies Xhonneux

Submissions from 2011

Essay: Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), Mauricio D. Aguilera Linde

Article: Race-ing Hemingway: Revisions of Masculinity and/as Whiteness in Ernest Hemingway’s Green Hills of Africa and Under Kilimanjaro, Josep M. Armengol-Carrera

Essay: Che, Chevys, and Hemingway’s Daiquiris: Cuban Tourism in Transition, Florence E. Babb

Article: "They Have Rewritten It All": Film Adaptations of A Farewell to Arms, Jamie Barlowe

Essay: The Importance of Being Ernest Hemingway, John Baxter

Article: The Two Ernestos, Philip Beidler

Article: Note to R (G) B from E (of) H: Hemingway’s Inscriptions to Robert Benchley, Nat Benchley

Book: Ernest Hemingway, Harold Bloom

Book: Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises—New Edition, Harold Bloom

Essay: The Expatriates Reconsidered, Brooke L. Blower

Internet Resource: Casablanca: The Bogart-Hemingway Nexus, Sam Bluefarb

Internet Resource: The Essential Tragic Conservatism of Ernest Hemingway, Sam Bluefarb

Book: Vonnegut and Hemingway: Writers at War, Lawrence R. Broer

Book Chapter: Ernest Hemingway on Safari: The Game and the Guns, Silvio Calabi

Article: Hemingway’s "Big Two-Hearted River": Nick’s Strategy and the Psychology of Mental Control, Mark Cirino

Essay: Love and Death in the Time of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), Katerina Clark

Book: The Splendor of Cuba: 450 Years of Architecture and Interiors, Michael Connors and Brent Winebrenner

Book Chapter: Tracking the Elephant: David’s African Childhood in Hemingway’s The Garden of Eden, Suzanne del Gizzo

Article: A Frost/Hemingway Roundtable, Suzanne del Gizzo, Camille Roman, Hsui-Ling Lin, Scott Donaldson, George Monteiro, and Thomas Travisano

Article: Drama as Metaphor in Ernest Hemingway’s "Today is Friday", Christopher Dick

Article: Hemingway Encounters: A Biographer Reminisces, Scott Donaldson

Article: Leopoldina Rodríguez: Hemingway’s Cuban Lover?, Andrew Feldman

Article: Hemingway’s Modernism: Exploring Its Victorian Roots, John Fenstermaker

Essay: Redeeming Violence in The Sun Also Rises: Phallic Embodiment, Primitive Ritual, Fetishistic Melancholia, Greg Forter

Article: Hemingway on a Bike, Eric Freeze

Book: Ernest Hemingway: A Descriptive Bibliography, C. Edgar Grissom

Article: Pilar and Maria: Hemingway’s Feminist Homage to the "New Woman of Spain" in For Whom the Bell Tolls, Stacey Guill

Article: "He Had Never Written a Word of That": Regret and Counterfactuals in Hemingway’s "The Snows of Kilimanjaro", Jennifer Riddle Harding

Article: Sex, Death, and Pine Needles in For Whom the Bell Tolls, Peter L. Hays

Book: The Critical Reception of Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, Peter L. Hays

Article: The Elephant in the Writing Room: Sympathy and Weakness in Hemingway’s "Masculine Text," The Garden of Eden, Ryan Hediger

Book: Hemingway’s Boat: Everything He Loved in Life, and Lost, 1934-1961, Paul Hendrickson

Book: Paris or Paname: Hemingway’s Expatriate Nationalism, Jeffrey Herlihy

Article: Hemingway and the Black Renaissance, Gary Edward Holcomb and Charles Scruggs

Article: Hemingway, Hounded by the Feds, A. E. Hotchner

Article: "Top-hole" in Hemingway’s "A Way You’ll Never Be", C. Harold Hurley

Book Chapter: Canonical Readings: Baudelaire’s Subtext in Hemingway’s African Narratives, Beatriz Penas Ibáñez

Article: Redeeming the Serpentine Subtext: Dennis Covington’s Appropriation of Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises in Salvation on Sand Mountain, William Jolliff

Book Chapter: "Love is a dunghill... And I’m the cock that gets on it to crow": Ernest Hemingway’s Farcical Adoration of Africa in the 1920-1960s, Jeremiah M. Kitunda

Article: Hemingway’s Commedia Dell’ Arte Story?: "Out of Season", Ellen Andrews Knodt

Article: "He’s Quite One of Us": Belief or Belonging in The Sun Also Rises, Jamie Korsmo

Article: How True is "True Gen" on Fitzgerald in Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast: Fault Lines of Narration, Sanjay Kumar

Article: Four of a Kind, Robert Lacy

Book: Stein and Hemingway: The Story of a Turbulent Friendship, Lyle Larsen

Book Chapter: On Safari with Hemingway: Tracking the Most Recent Scholarship, Kelli A. Larson

Article: Talk That Walks: How Hemingway’s Dialogue Powers a Story, John L’Heureux

Essay: Ernest Hemingway, Jeffrey Lyons

Essay: Ernest Hemingway, Dwight MacDonald

Essay: Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), Christopher MacGowan

Article: Hemingway’s Ecotourism: Under Kilimanjaro and the Ethics of Travel, Kevin Maier

Book: Pip-Pip to Hemingway in Something from Marge, Georgianna Main

Book: Hemingway and Africa, Miriam B. Mandel

Book Chapter: Introduction, Miriam B. Mandel

Book Chapter: Hemingway’s Reading in Natural History, Hunting, Fishing, and Africa, Miriam B. Mandel and Jeremiah M. Kitunda

Article: Ernest Hemingway’s West, Lou Mandler

Article: Rose Macaulay’s And No Man’s Wit: The Forgotten Spanish Civil War Novel, Cyrena Mazlin

Article: Hemingway’s "Cat in the Rain": A Reproof of the Self, John V. McDermott

Article: For Ernest, With Love and Squalor: The Influence of Ernest Hemingway on J. D. Salinger, Bradley R. McDuffie

Article: Recent Fictional Takes on the Lost Hemingway Manuscripts, Ron McFarland

Book Chapter: Between Ngàje Ngài and Kilimanjaro: A Rortian Reading of Hemingway’s African Encounters, Frank Mehring

Book Chapter: Memorial Landscapes: Hemingway’s Search for Indian Roots, Philip Melling

Article: Hemingway’s Christian Name, Jeffrey Meyers

Essay: Huston and Hemingway, Jeffrey Meyers

Article: Ernest Hemingway: In the Ring and Out, J. Lawrence Mitchell

Book: Hemingway’s Veneto, Gianni Moriani

Book Chapter: Hemingway’s Veneto, Gianni Moriani

Essay: To Have and Have Not: An Adaptive System, Kathleen Murray

Book Chapter: Hemingway’s African Book of Revelations: Dawning of a ‘New Religion’ in Under Kilimanjaro, Erik G. R. Nakjavani

Essay: Stein, Hemingway, and American Modernisms, Peter Nicholls

Essay: Wandering Pilgrimage: Mobile Expatriatism in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night and Claude McKay’s Banjo, Alexandra Peat

Book Chapter: Barking at Death: Hemingway, Africa, and the Stages of Dying, James Plath

Article: Saints and Sinners, Sexuality and Sublimation: Benjy, Quentin, and Jake as Martyr Figures, Rachel Price

Article: Hemingway, Literalism, and Transgender Reading, Valerie Rohy

Essay: "To Die Is Not Enough!": Hemingway and D’Annunzio, John Paul Russo

Article: The Names of Rivers and the Names of Birds: Ezra Pound, Louis Agassiz, and the "Luminous Detail" in Hemingway’s Early Fiction, Alex Shakespeare

Book: The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, Volume 1: 1907-1922, Sandra Spanier and Robert W. Trogdon

Essay: "I Would . . . Be Hanged with You": Ernest Hemingway and Ezra Pound, H. R. Stoneback