The Hemingway Bibliography
The Hemingway Bibliography is a searchable online database consisting of the most comprehensive record of annotated Hemingway-related scholarship published worldwide in English from 1990 to the present, including articles, book chapters, books, and online resources. Entries are arranged alphabetically by author within their year of publication. Search by title, author, subject, keyword, date, publisher, or periodical title.


Submissions from 2021

Article: Ideological Profit: Hemingway, Kol'tsov, and the Spanish Civil War, Frederick H. White

Article: Domesticating the Afterwar: David Finkel's Thank You for Your Service (2013), Christopher Wilson

Essay: Eros and Terror in Ernest Hemingway's The Fifth Column-A Play on the Spanish Civil War, Jon Woodson

Book: Cockeyed Happy: Ernest Hemingway's Wyoming Summers with Pauline, Darla Worden

Article: Ellison's Hemingway, David Wyatt

Article: Revising the Tortoiseshell Cat: Subjectivity and Discursive Dilemma of the American Wife in Hemingway's 'Cat in the Rain, Jingyi Zhang

Submissions from 2020

Essay: Forces and Spaces-Maupassant, Borges, Hemingway, Per Aage Brandt

Essay: Writing From the Interface: Hemingway's Insider Perspective on the Bullfight in Death in the Afternoon, Nancy Bredendick

Article: Sylvia Beach: Hemingway’s Most Impassioned Supporter, Wayne Catan

Article: Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Morrill Cody: Two Degrees of Separation, or the One That Got Away, Dino J. Caterini

Article: Lydia Davis's Psychological Minimalism, Robert C. Clark

Book: Hemingway and Ho Chi Minh in Paris: The Art of Resistance, David Crowe

Book Chapter: Shaping the Life: Hemingway Biographies since 2000, Kirk Curnutt

Book Chapter: Family Dynamics and Redefinitions of "Papa"-hood, Suzanne del Gizzo

Book Chapter: Conclusion, Suzanne del Gizzo and Kirk Curnutt

Book Chapter: Introduction: Hemingway in the New Millennium, Suzanne del Gizzo and Kirk Curnutt

Book: The New Hemingway Studies, Suzanne del Gizzo and Kirk Curnutt

Article: "Otherness" in America: Hemingway, Hungarians, and Transnationalism, Teodȯra Dömötör

Article: Fitzgerald and Hemingway, 1931-34, Scott Donaldson

Book Chapter: New World Order, Old World Ways: Hemingway's Colonialism and Postcolonialism, Marc K. Dudley

Article: The United States Information Service Magazine World Today: American Cold War Politics and the Cultural Nationalism of Overseas Chinese, Ying Du

Essay: Ernest Hemingway, Olivia Carr Edenfield

Book: Hemingway in Comics, Robert K. Elder


Internet Resource: Persons with Schizophrenia Misread Hemingway: A New Approach to Study Theory of Mind in Schizophrenia, Judit Fekete, Zsuzsanna Pόtό, Eszter Varga, Timea Csulak, Orsolya Zsélyi, Tamás Tényi, and Rόbert Herold

Essay: Feast of Our Lady of Desire, Resplendent: Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises, Thomas Ferraro

Essay: The Need for a Shave: Beards in Masculinity in Ernest Hemingway's Fiction, Peter Ferry

Book: Hemingway and the Harvard Poets, Luca Fondazione

Book Chapter: "I Think We should Steal Some Money": The Left Bank Gang and Jason’s Hemingway, Jace Gatzemeyer

Article: Three Dangerous Summers; Orson Welles's Unrealized Hemingway Trilogy, Matthew Asprey Gear

Book Chapter: Still Famous after All These Years: Ernest Hemingway in the Twenty-First Century, Loren Glass

Book Chapter: Digital Hemingway, Laura Godfrey

Essay: Ernest Hemingway, Marie-Josè Gransard

Article: A Portrait of the Poet as a Young Man: Noteworthy Omission in The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Beorhthelm's Son, Peter Grybauskas

Article: The Red and White Terrors: Civil War and Political Savagery in Ernest Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls, Stacey Guill

Essay: Fine and Dandy: Ernest Hemingway’s Androgynous Connoisseurship, Len Gutkin

Book Chapter: Moral Formation and Graphic Adaptations of Hemingway’s Works, Sean C. Hadley

Internet Resource: Hemingway Gambles, Loses on 1919 World Series, Sharon Hamilton

Book Chapter: Hemingway Superheroes, Sharon Hamilton

Essay: An Introduction to The Sun Also Rises: Ernest Hemingway, Michael J. Hartwell

Article: Beyond Little and Big: Circulation, Data, and American Magazine History, Brooks E. Hefner

Internet Resource: Ernest Hemingway’s Grandson on an Unpublished Story from the Author’s Archive, Seán Hemingway and Deborah Treisman

Book Chapter: Post-"American" Hemingway Studies: Multicultural Approaches and Redefinitions of Expatriation, Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera

Internet Resource: Road Scholarship: Literary Travel in the Age of Coronavirus, Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera

Essay: Invasive Species, Stephen Heymen

Book: Hemingway's Sun Valley: Local Stories Behind his Code, Characters, and Crisis, Phil Huss

Book Chapter: Correspondence and the Everyday Hemingway, Verna Kale and Sandra Spanier

Essay: Rereading Down There on a Visit: The Christopher Who Was Encounters the Christopher Who Might Have Been, Carola M. Kaplan

Essay: The Death of the Profound Natural Aesthetics in the Garden of Ernest Hemingway's 'The End of Something, Zennure Köseman

Article: Impalpable Scars: Dual Traumas in Hemingway's "Now I Lay Me" and "A Way You'll Never Be", Richard Kovarovic

Essay: The Last Frontier, Matthew M. Lambert

Article: The Fear of Death: The Real Virus in Hemingway's "A Day's Wait", Walker Larson

Article: From the Hemingway Letters Project: Behind the Scenes with Pauline Pfeiffer Hemingway and Jane Kendall Mason, Miriam B. Mandel

Book Chapter: Hemingway, Race(ism), and Criticism, Ian Marshall

Article: "Don’t Write Anything that Will Bother the Italian Censor": Pasolini and the Filming of A Farewell to Arms in 1950s Italy, Martina Mastandrea

Book Chapter: Ernest Hemingway and Henry Serrano Villard: In Bassano and Love, Martina Mastandrea

Article: Gregory Hemingway: Transgender Tragedy, Jeffrey Meyers

Essay: Silence: Hemingway's Periods, Lee Clark Mitchell

Book Chapter: Hemingway and Queer Studies, Debra A. Moddelmog

Article: Hemingway’s Military Surgeons, George Monteiro

Article: Beyond Little Magazines: American Modernism and the Turn to Big Magazines, Mark Morrisson

Article: The Elephant’s Eye and the Maji-Maji War: A Non-Anthropocentric Reading of David’s African Story in The Garden of Eden, Lay Sion Ng

Essay: Death ere the Afternoon: Jómsvíkinga saga and a Scene in Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls, Richard North

Essay: The Writer's Hunger: Considering a Novel in Progress, Sonia Overall

Article: Ernest Hemingway: 1899-1961, James Overholtzer

Article: The Origin of Mercy in A Farwell to Arms: A Speculation, Steve Paul

Internet Resource: The Old Man and the Minotaur: Ernest Hemingway as Fictionalized Celebrity, Timothy Penner

Article: War as an Art Form, James F. Penrose

Article: Have to Write a Baseball Story Sometime: Hemingway, the Busher and The Old Man and the Sea, Scott D. Peterson

Article: A Better Source for Harry's Gangrene: Medical Literature and "The Snows of Kilimanjaro", Russ Pottle

Book Chapter: Object Studies and Keepsakes, Artifacts, and Ephemera, Krista Quesenberry

Essay: Cuba: Reading and Revolution-Cuban Literature and Literary Culture, Jenni Ramone

Essay: Ernest Hemingway, David A. Rennie

Essay: Moonshine in the Sunshine State: Alcohol's Roots and Routes in Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings's South Moon Under and Ernest Hemingway's To Have and Have Not, Christopher Rieger

Article: Chapter I of In Our Time: Origins, Omissions, and Arrangement, Daniel Robinson

Article: Cultural Appropriation, Acculturation, and Fatherhood: A Reading of "Indian Camp", Daniel Robinson

Article: "I Fixed the Dates" and Other Details: The Logic and Illogic of Chronology and Topography in Frederic Henry’s Caporetto Retreat, Michael Kim Roos

Essay: Minimum Writing, Victoria Rosner

Essay: Fast Books Read Slow: The Shapes of Speed in Manhattan Transfer and The Sun Also Rises, Sam See

Essay: Gertrude and Ernest, Diana Souhami

Article: Finding Marlene Dietrich: An Object Lesson, Sandra Spanier

Book: The Letters of Ernest Hemingway Volume 5, 1932-1934, Sandra Spanier and Miriam B. Mandel

Essay: Ernest Hemingway and Unfulfilled Possibilities in the Movies, James Stamant

Essay: Ernest Hemingway: A Cold War Journey, Christopher Sturdevant

Article: Mariano Rivera: Hemingway Hero, James Tackach

Book: Hemingway's Saint Louis: How St. Louisans Shaped His Life and Legacy, Andrew J. Theising

Article: Mateo Santos and the Documentary of Occupation: "Cine Social" in the Spanish Anarchist Revolution, Ameya Tripathi

Book Chapter: Hemingway and Textual Studies, Robert W. Trogdon

Article: Twain’s Modernism: The Death of Speech in Huckleberry Finn as the Birth of a New Aesthetic, Mika Turim-Nygren

Book Chapter: "There's No One Thing That's True": Hemingway Criticism and the Environmental Humanities, Lisa Tyler

Article: The Sins of the Fathers: Mental Illness, Heredity, and Short Fiction by Wharton and Hemingway, Lisa Tyler

Article: The Influence of Spanish Writers on Hemingway, Jesus E. Vega

Article: When Dietrich Met Hemingway: Archival Documents Correct the Biographical Record, Katie Warczak

Article: A "Comer" or a "Second-Rater"? Fitzgerald's Encounters with Michael Arlen, Philip Ward

Book Chapter: Politics, Espionage, and Surveillance: Hemingway and the Rise of Paranoia Culture, Kevin R. West

Article: The Most Outstanding Work of an Idealistic Tendency: Hemingway, Pasternak, and the 1958 Nobel Prize for Literature, Frederick H. White

Book Chapter: Trauma Studies: Neurological and Corporeal Injuries, Sarah Anderson Wood

Article: Love and Death in Hollywood: Desertion and Redemption in Film Adaptations of A Farewell to Arms, Geoffrey A. Wright

Book Chapter: Hemingway and Pleasure, David Wyatt

Article: Inertia and Identity Confusion in Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises, Muhsin Yanar

Article: Ernest Hemingway in Slovenia since 1990: Scandal, the Soča and Six-Toed Cats, Simon Zupan