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Information literacy, online teaching, digital learning objects, poster, ADDIE model, instructional design, professional development


As part of the professional development offerings of the Minnesota Library Association's Instruction Round Table (IRT), the IRT co-chairs decided to build an online professional development program (mostly) from the ground up. IRT co-chairs developed, launched, facilitated, and evaluated the Creating Online Information Literacy Learning Objects: I’ll Get to It This Summer (COilLO) program over Summer 2018. COilLO was developed to introduce, or reintroduce, participants to the ADDIE instructional design process. The two and a half week online program, delivered through the Free for Teachers version of Canvas, offered participants the opportunity to set aside some time in their schedules to work on applying the ADDIE model to their own online learning object creation process. This poster will describe COilLO’s own very meta process of using the ADDIE model to create a program about the ADDIE model from analysis to evaluation, including the trials and tribulations of creating your own program from scratch.

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Beschnett, A. & Brager, T. (2018, October). Adventures with ADDIE: Creating an online professional development program [Poster presentation]. Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference, St. Cloud, MN.