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Development of an NLN Repository To begin constructing the NLN repository, NERAC identified necessary tasks: 1 the development of a thesaurus - or word list - to index nursing education research literature; 2 the development of a format for the parts of the literature the electronic repository would contain (e.g., literature citations and abstracts); 3 devising a methodology for scanning the literature for new research in nursing education; and 4 developing methods for continually adding items to the electronic repository and refining the repository in ways that enhance its use (10). Despite these barriers, the task group is currently investigating converting the NLN Literature Search Database for use as an online resource for nurse educators that would permit ease of data entry and retrieval of useful information.

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Nursing Education Perspectives

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Scheckel, M., Mrozek, J., & Bower, T. (2006). Building a home for the science of nursing education: Developing the NLN web-based repository. Nursing Education Perspectives, 27 (5), 236-239.