Unraveling a puzzle: The case of value line timeliness rank upgrades



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Value line timeliness ranks • Post-earnings announcement drift •Upgrades • Post-upgrade drift • Momentum


We examine a sample of Value Line’s timeliness rank upgrades that occur

immediately following earnings announcements and find that pre-event price momentum

has significant incremental explanatory power for post-event drift, after controlling

for the level of earnings surprise. Therefore, the stock price drift following Value

Line’s timeliness upgrades cannot be viewed as driven only by the post-earnings announcement

drift phenomenon. Instead, these findings indicate that, among other factors,

Value Line has been exploiting the price momentum effect for decades. Black

(Financ. Anal. J. 29:10–14, 1973) clearly stated that it does indeed do this, but his

assertion has not yet been verified as an explanation of the puzzling drift that follows

Value Line rank upgrades.

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Financial Markets and Portfolio Management

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25(4), 379-409.