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Corporate scandals of 2000–01; the global financial and economic crisis of 2008–09 that was accompanied by revelations about major violations of ethical and moral codes at a range of large business institutions; mounting evidence that the negative impact of business activity on the global ecosystem is not only real but also rapidly escalating; wars and armed confrontations in various regions of the world, most of which were triggered by conflicts over resources and had further devastating impact on the environment. These and numerous other recent events suggest that business and economic models dominant in the Western developed societies may not be sustainable in the long run and need to be updated. Likewise, HRD practitioners and academics are actively searching for new approaches that would help our organizations to remain sustainable in the new uncertain business and socio-economic conditions. One of the manifestations of this search is the call for a more aggressive and encompassing integration of HRD and corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and business ethics (Garavan and McGuire, 2010).

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