Ethics, Morality, & Art in the Classroom: Positive & Negative Relations


Ethics and Business Law

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art, ethics, aesthetics, morality, pedagogy, business ethics


Ethics, Morality, and Art: Positive and Negative Relations

Daryl Koehn

Aesthetics is typically understood as the study of the critical norms applicable to the subjective experience of artistic beauty. But whether ?beauty is the correct basis for assessing art depends upon what one thinks about what art is and what it seeks to do. In this respect, the field aesthetics might be said to be parasitic upon works of art. If there were no art, there would be nothing to assess critically. So, instead of focusing on the relation between ethics and aesthetics, I wish to consider art itself and explore its multi-faceted relation to ethics and morality. When we look at works of art, we find that art has both positive and negative relationships to ethics and morality (which I will distinguish in a very rough way as the paper progresses.). In this paper, I will touch upon some of those relationships.

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Journal of Business Ethics

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7, 213-232