Reputational Risk and Social Media


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Risk Management, Sport


Leaders in the collegiate sports world are facing a number of challenging issues arising from the proliferation of, and easy access to, the new phenomenon of social media. Well-publicized recent examples, including the case of Marvin Austin at the University of North Carolina, have dramatized the potential ramifications that come from uses and misuses of these new means of communication.

One of the interesting and problematic aspects in assessing the impact of social media is the possibility of damage to individual and institutional reputations. Though it is certainly true that reputation does have important, measurable legal and economic dimensions, it is also obvious that it is not a purely legal or economic concept. This paper examines recent risk management research and suggests a pathway to a new approach to thinking about the legal context of risks arising from uses and misuses of social media.

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Mississippi Law Journal

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1(1), 97-126