Students lost in a flattened world: How resources from the Catholic tradition can help business students find their way


Ethics and Business Law

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business ethics, pedagogy, Catholic tradition


Academically Adrift, the recent study of undergraduate performance, has revealed that college students are learning little, if anything, over the course of their four years at university. This article suggests that students are academically adrift, in part, because Americans are culturally marooned between two ways to pursue happiness, neither of which is viable. A Catholic education can offer a different vision of how a person cannot merely find but, to use Aristotelian language, actualize happiness in his or her life. The Catholic tradition has resources that any professor can draw upon to begin to anchor students to some point of being on which they can build a satisfying life. At the end of the article, the author suggests concrete ways in which professors can deploy these resources within the classroom

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Journal of Catholic Higher Education

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32(1), 25-40.