Can Business Help to Cultivate Peace and Wellbeing? A Pedagogical Case Study


Ethics and Business Law

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Ethics, justice and peace, interdisciplinary teaching, business, conflict dynamics


This paper serves as a guide for instructors who wish to engage students in interdisciplinary dialogue regarding how business does or does not promote justice and peace. We present a pedagogical example focused on a complex topic that was delivered in two stages: 1) involving interdisciplinary engagement in the classroom—including courses in business, business ethics, operations management, justice and peace studies, marketing and theology; and 2) as a plenary dialogue. This paper describes the goals and methodology used and provides context for faculty interested in interdisciplinary engagement that addresses significant contemporary social issues. The analytical framework utilized for this interdisciplinary endeavour is the Circle of Praxis—a guiding pedagogy used by the Department of Justice and Peace Studies at the University of St Thomas. The World Café facilitation method was used for the plenary dialogue. We solicited student feedback and found that interdisciplinary learning generated a positive response that helped to open students’ eyes to the idea that business could play a meaningful role in cultivating peace. This experience has expanded our appetite for interdisciplinary collaboration on both small and large scales.

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Business, Peace & Sustainable Development

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2016(8), 55-69

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