Times of Insight: Conscience, Corporations, and the Common Good

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moral projection and corporate conscience, business ethics education, business ethics and corporate responsibility, moral values and decision making, foundations of business ethics, corporation conscience, legal-constitutional personhood and moral personhood, rights and civil liberties, human dignity and the common good, corporate self-assessment on integrating ethics, integrating ethics within decision-making, corporations, conscience, and the common good, sustaining corporate conscience, conscience and corporate culture, businesses and moral values with decision-making


This open access book traces the research and teaching contributions of Kenneth Goodpaster over more than 45 years of his career. The book shows the content and the progression of these themes over the years identifying four insights in applied ethics: the moral insight, the institutional insight, the anthropological insight, and the Socratic insight. It highlights such concepts as conscience, corporate responsibility, corporations as agents and as recipients, stockholders, stakeholders, comprehensive moral thinking, and ethics education. In addition, Goodpaster explains phrases such as teleopathy, moral projection, human dignity, and the common good. Finally, the book examines with concern the implications of the foregoing for the polarizing and partisan trends in contemporary business behavior.

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Goodpaster, K. (2022). Times of Insight: Conscience, Corporations, and the Common Good. Springer Cham.