Management Work-Family Research and Work-Family Fit: Implications for Building Family Capital in Family Business



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work–family; family capital; fit; organization; systems


In this article, 25 years of organization science research on work–family is summarized, and its implications for building the human, social, and economic elements of family capital in family business are developed. The impact of work–family conflict; sex and gender roles; role enrichment; work–family benefits, programs, and policies; and work, job, and organization redesign are emphasized. A social systems model of environment–environment fit—work–family fit—is developed. Implications for future research and for investing in family capital are discussed.

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Family Business Review

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Rothausen, T.J. (2009). Management work-family research and work-family fit: Implications for building family capital in family business. Family Business Review, 22, 220-234.

DOI: 10.1177/0894486509337409