Understanding Deep, Socially Embedded Human Motivations and Aspirations for Work from Whole Person and Interdisciplinary Perspectives



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Motivation, work, interdisciplinary, qualitative methods


The arguments in Pratt & Bonaccio’s (2016) article “Qualitative Research in I-O Psychology: Maps, Myths, and Moving Forward” are extended by deepening one of their reasons for qualitative research—understanding the “why” of work, and adding another important use for qualitative research—understanding the “what could be” of work. Qualitative methods are especially well suited for inquiries into the deep, complex, and socially embedded human motivations related to work and for inquiries into deep exploration of what could or should be in the world of work, in part through inter- and cross- disciplinary inquiry. It is just such inquiries that are most needed now in IOP and related fields.

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Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice

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9(04), 735-739