Making the impact of gender on business leadership visible: A tool for use in organizations and education



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Fall 2007

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gender, leadership, sex differences, diversity, business


Women are underrepresented in business leadership and education. The issue is important to many organizations, but discussing causes and solutions can be difficult. A useful, fun, and informative exercise is presented as a tool to facilitate such discussions. The exercise can be used for training and development, kicking off a gender initiative, general planning, and executive education, as well as for working adult graduate students. It can be adapted for less experienced undergraduate and graduate students. The exercise illustrates the gender systems in which we work. An optional piece illustrates how work-family impacts this issue. Teaching aids are also presented.

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Leadership Review

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Teresa J. Rothausen-Vange, “Making the Impact of Gender on Business Leadership Visible: A Tool for Use in Organizations and Education,” Kravis Leadership Institute, Leadership Review, Vol. 7, Fall 2007, pp. 93-110.