Yo DJ, That’s My Brand: An Examination of Consumer Response to Brand Placements in Hip-Hop Music



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Product placement, brand placement, music, covert marketing, hip-hop


This study examines the impact of hip-hop culture identity and the role of product congruency in brand placement in music. By using original songs to conduct a 2 (prominence) × 2 (hip-hop culture identity) × 2 (congruence) experiment, the authors establish that brand prominence positively impacts memory; thus, brands that appear in a song's chorus may be recalled more often than those appearing in the verse. A significant interaction between prominence and congruence revealed that subtly placing incongruent brands may enhance brand attitudes; however, contrary to extant literature, highly prominent placements of congruent brands enhance brand attitudes. While no significant interaction between hip-hop culture identity (HHCI) and congruence was found, individuals with high levels of HHCI had more positive attitudes toward the congruent brand despite exposure to said brand.

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Journal of Advertising

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