Collaborative Product Development (CPD): Exploring the Role of Internal Coordination Capability (ICC) in Supplier Involvement


Operations and Supply Chain Management

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new product development, technology management, outsourcing, technology transfer, design & development


Purpose – This paper examines impact of internal coordination capability on supplier involvement

Design/methodology/approach - Hypothesized relationships are tested using confirmatory factor analysis and hierarchical linear regression models.

Findings – (1) internal coordination capability and (2) supplier involvement effort have a positive effect on CPD performance. In addition, (3) internal coordination capability positively moderates the relationship between supplier involvement and CPD performance.

Research Limitation/Implications – This study used targets or goals as the standard for measuring all scales in CPD performance. Although, this approach has several advantages and it is widely reported in the literature, it fails to account for the aggressiveness of the goals or targets as well as relative importance of the metrics.

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European Journal of Innovation Management

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Vol 13 (2) 244-266