Operations and Supply Chain Management

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– The purpose of this paper is to look at the ways in which the internet has changed the way in which many organizations now do business. The internet has made the transference of information easy but fulfilling online orders has proved to be a challenge.


– This study presents detailed analysis of 238 customers of a world‐renowned not‐for‐profit organization – the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO). Our sample of customers consists of patrons who ordered tickets online at least once during the 2001/2002 concert seasons. Factors influencing the development of an e‐loyal customer database were examined.


– The results indicate that customers realize significant benefits from using the internet to purchase concert tickets. Patrons also indicated that they were satisfied with their internet service experience.


– The role of the internet within organizations will change dramatically over the next decade. For organizations that are attempting to use the internet as a primary sales medium, they must realize that their success hinges on the development of a sustainable customer base. For established organizations, the integration of the internet into their existing business will be one of the keys to future success.

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International Journal of Operations and Production Management

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25(1), 74-93