Lessons for strategic organizational growth - performance challenges for U.S. automakers


Operations and Supply Chain Management

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business strategy game theory light vehicle market share manufacturing strategy product variety system analysis systems thinking U.S. automobile industry


The aim of this study is to understand the current consumer perceptions and to attempt to identify any recent trends that could assist U.S. automakers in repositioning themselves through appropriate integrated manufacturing and business strategies in the automobile manufacturing market after the recent economic recession which ended in June 2009. Data for this study was collected from government and private sources, as well as, a consumer survey. This data was assessed using regression, advanced forecasting, game theoretic modeling and analysis of data from survey. The industry system analysis suggests that there is a growing consumer preference for foreign automobiles. This trend appears to be continuing into the near future, a notion that will be less than comforting to U.S. automobile manufacturers. This study is valuable to academics and executives in the auto industry affected by current and future market trends. If this research was to endure, authors would focus on other countries such as China and Korea using the same analytical framework applied in this study. Their automobiles' growing popularity may have an impact on the current automobile manufacturing industry. This was a real project, with real problems and solutions that can be acted upon.





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Human Systems Management Journal

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31, (3/4) 203-218. DOI 10.3233/HSM-120774