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Affordable Care Act, Strategy, Disruptive Innovation


Health care leaders are currently focused on implementing the many aspects of the Affordable Care Act. Although these initiatives are necessary, they are not sufficient to succeed strategi­cally in the healthcare reform environment. Success occurs with an organizational strategy that focuses on new processes and services that meet the healthcare and financial needs of the customer while disrupt­ing the status quo.

Three strategic principles are recommended that can be used in helping organizations address disruptions or create their own. These three principles are: test a new business model against the needs of our customers; pilot test one or two new ideas to disrupt or counter disruption; look across disciplines for ideas and encouragement.

Change management is far more difficult to enact than is communicated in books, lectures, and case studies. However, in this high-pressure healthcare environment, it is becoming imperative for managers to find a path to participate in positive disruptive solutions, or risk becoming victims of other organizations solutions.

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Journal of Health Care Management

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60(3), 160-163