Social Work



Degree Name

Doctor of Social Work (DSW)

Type of Paper/Work

Banded Dissertation


Kingsley Chigbu


The social work profession promotes social justice in advancing the rights of all persons. Social work education requires students to possess knowledge of structures of oppression, discrimination, and unfairness and tools to dismantle practices that perpetuate power and privilege for dominate cultures. Teaching social justice in social work while required has not been operationalized. A dominant narrative influences teaching social justice mostly excluding a BIPOC perspective. This banded dissertation adds to the discussion, bringing to the forefront how Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) infuse social justice in their curriculum. Included are three scholarly products: a conceptual article, a qualitative content analysis research article, and a poster presentation. Critical race theory underpins this work, theorizing the connection between race and its effect on policies, laws, and culture. The first product, a conceptual article, explores the underreported value of social work education at MSIs. The second product is a research study conducting a qualitative content analysis of 12 undergraduate social work course syllabi. The third product is a poster presentation at the Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors (BPD) 39th Annual Conference. The banded dissertation makes the case to amplify voices of the marginalized in operationalizing teaching social justice in social work.

Available for download on Tuesday, November 05, 2024

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