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Doctor of Social Work (DSW)

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Banded Dissertation


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Social work education and the signature pedagogy of social work, field education, allow students to learn social work ethics. Within the agency setting of field placement, social work students experience organizational culture and organizational climate. The purpose of this banded dissertation is to understand the relationship between ethics learned within the classroom and field education, specific to organizational culture and organizational climate. Ecological and general systems theory provides the conceptual framework to understand the relationship.

Social work ethics and organizational culture are experienced in field education. Product One, a conceptual paper, asserts the need for understanding organizational culture and its relevance to field education. Understanding ethics and organizational culture is imperative to students’ learning and preparation for field education. Incorporation of organizational culture in social work ethics education will enhance social work education and ethical practice.

A qualitative systematic review research study for Product Two, asked the question how might field education effectively bring students’ attention and understanding to the intersection of social work ethics and organizational culture? Study results indicate the relevance of incorporating organizational culture, organizational climate and social work ethics in teaching social work field education.

A workshop presentation was given at the National Association of Social Workers Ohio Chapter Conference for Product Three. This presentation presented the concept of social work ethics and organizational culture with field education, based upon Product One of the banded dissertation.

Organizational culture and organizational climate are important factors that influence and impact social work ethics and practice. There is a need for these concepts to be incorporated into social work ethics education and the pedagogy of field education. Without such education, social work students are not adequately prepared for field education or acculturation to the profession and ethical practice of social work.

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