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Doctor of Social Work (DSW)

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Banded Dissertation


Robin R. Whitebird


This Banded Dissertation focuses on the relationship between perceived self-efficacy and teaching effectiveness for social work faculty. An introduction to the topic, presentation of The Life Model as the conceptual framework, and overall findings from the scholarship products are discussed. The first product is a conceptual paper outlining the nature of the relationship between self-efficacy and teaching effectiveness and its relevance in social work higher education. The conceptual paper also discusses using The Life Model for Social Work Practice as the conceptual framework. The second product is a survey research study containing both quantitative and qualitative questions to explore how self-efficacy and teaching effectiveness influence each other according to social work faculty. This study yielded statistically significant results and provided some narrative responses to better understand this relationship. The third product is a poster presentation that was given virtually at the North American Association of Christians in Social Work Annual Convention in November 2020. The poster presented information from the research study conducted for product two, including background information and quantitative study results.

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