Social Work


Spring 2022

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Doctor of Social Work (DSW)

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Banded Dissertation


Robin R. Whitebird


Over the past several years, social services agencies have increasingly focused on addressing the long-term impact of childhood trauma through implementing trauma-informed models of practice. Trauma-informed agencies and practitioners recognize the impact trauma has on an individual and work to prevent re-traumatization in their interactions. As agencies become trauma-informed, educating social work students on the principles of trauma-informed care is more important than ever. However, little research exists that provides information on the inclusion of trauma-informed care in the baccalaureate social work curriculum. The three products in this banded dissertation seek to answer the following question: Do baccalaureate social work faculty believe trauma-informed care information should be included in the curriculum, and if so, where and how should it be added? The first product is a qualitative research study using twenty-four semi-structured interviews of baccalaureate social work faculty to discover their current teaching practices on trauma-informed care and their thoughts on the future of trauma-informed baccalaureate social work education. The second product is a conceptual article exploring two methods of including trauma-informed care education in the baccalaureate social work curriculum. The third product describes a two-day workshop offered to social work practitioners who had not received trauma-informed care training in their social work programs.

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