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Doctor of Social Work (DSW)

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Banded Dissertation


Kingsley Chigbu


The changing demographic landscape in higher education presents opportunities for institutions to prioritize inclusive excellence through racial justice in academia. As more diverse student populations attend predominantly White institutions (PWI), leadership is accountable for creating environments that empower and support equity and inclusion for all campus community members. Despite favorable trends in retention and completion for students of color attending PWIs, the road to success for these students often includes overcoming institutional barriers and social obstacles within the campus environment. This dissertation considers the historical nature and social implications of desegregating education, how these factors influence priorities and execution of diversity efforts, and the subsequent impact for students of color on their sense of belonging and diversity engagement while attending a PWI. As more students of color pursue higher education and navigate campus environments, institutions must move the needle forward with transformative diversity, equity, and inclusion agendas. It is not just one more thing. It is the thing to encourage more deliberate actions centered on core values of diversity, equity and inclusion as racial justice in academia.

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