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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


Catherine Marrs Fuchsel


In an effort to better understand and prevent teen dating violence, this study examined the risk factors associated with teen dating violence as well as methods of intervention/prevention. Eight mental health practitioners who work with adolescents who are involved in teen dating violence or who work with teen dating violence prevention programs were interviewed regarding their experiences with these adolescents. Six themes were found from these interviews: (a) the prevalence of teen dating violence, (b) the negative effects of teen dating violence, (c) the risk factors of teen dating violence, (d) reasons victims stay in abusive relationships, (e) support systems for teen dating violence victims and perpetrators, (f) and methods of prevention and intervention. Comparison to previous research found that this study, overall, supported previous research regarding the importance of prevention and intervention programs based on minimizing risk factors due to the damaging effects of teen dating violence on adolescents’ lives. Implications for social work policy, practice, and research are also discussed.


teen dating violence

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