Social Work

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


Katherine Hill


What are the attitudes that social workers have toward religion and spirituality and how does it affect their practice? What affect does religion and spirituality have on clients in therapy and how big of an impact is it making in their lives? How much education are social workers receiving in their undergraduate and graduate curriculum? These questions and a few others are all addressed in this research. In this qualitative study the researcher interviewed seven Licensed Independent Clinical social workers (LICSWs) with at least seven years of experience, serving in diverse areas of social work. Social workers attitudes toward religion and spirituality do affect the way they practice. Those social workers who are more educated are also more comfortable when dealing with clients who are practicing some type of religion and or spirituality. Clients are being positively affected by workers ability to engage in religious and spiritual conversations in area such as but not limited to depression and end of life issues.


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