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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


Pa Der Vang


The researcher conducted this study through analyzed data from qualitative, semi-structured interviews with an interdisciplinary team at a nursing home. All participants had experience working with residents with dementia that participated in therapeutic activities at the nursing home. The major themes that emerged from the data analysis include: a) staff perspective of meaningful therapeutic activities for residents with dementia, b) therapeutic activities contribute to mood improvement, c) therapeutic activities stimulate the mind, d) therapeutic activities impact stress and anxiety, e) room for improvement of therapeutic activities, f) therapeutic activities allow residents with dementia to grow, g) motivation of residents to participate and engage and, h) improved quality of life. The findings provided beneficial information through staff members’ perspective about how therapeutic activities can contribute to the well-being of residents with dementia which assisted the researcher in examining ways that these findings can assist in implications for additional social work research.


therapeutic activities among residents with dementia at a nursing home

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