Social Work



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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


Lance Peterson


In this systematic review, I investigate interventions used to address pre-migration, in transit, and post migration stressors amongst the three settings of the refugee relocation process: pre-migration, in transit, and post migration. After a comprehensive search of the literature, nine articles met the inclusion criteria determined for this study. The nine studies were then coded with predefined categories based on intervention setting and the types of issues that were address by the interventions. I found that of the nine studies, eight involved interventions in post migration settings. I also found that eight of the nine studies address pre-migration issues, one of the nine articles included in transit issues, and three of the nine articles included aspects of post migration issues in their interventions. Based on the research included in this study, it is evident that the social services are neglecting to capture the totality of the refugee relocation experience by focusing primarily on pre-migration issues, trauma and torture, in post migration settings.

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