What is the Importance of Educating Women on Postpartum Depression?


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Andrea Nesmith


Postpartum depression is a mental health issue that affects one in seven women after giving birth to a baby. When a woman is undiagnosed and suffering from postpartum depression not only is she affected but her family members and the baby can be negatively affected as well. With the pressure for women to be able to do it all, postpartum depression symptoms are often ignored by mothers. Educating women on postpartum depression, especially prior to discharge at the hospital, is important so women (and spouses) are aware of what symptoms to look for when it is time to look for help. A systematic review was conducted to see what research says is the importance of educating women on postpartum depression. Twenty-one out of one hundred and twenty articles fit the inclusion criteria, concluding in four themes: Importance of Support, Need for Education, EPDS being an Efficient Scale, and Interpersonal Psychotherapy being Treatment of Choice.


Postpartum depression, postpartum depression education, postpartum depression therapy

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