The Elementary School Climate and Teacher Self-Esteem: A Study of Potential Relationship


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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


Felicia Washington Sy


The factors of self-esteem and the school climate have been independently studied for over a century and have been found as universal factors of importance. This study investigates the potential relationship between teacher self-esteem and the school climate. Fifty-nine elementary school teachers at public schools in the Midwest participated in a survey consisting of demographic information, self-esteem assessment, and a school climate inventory. The findings showed a moderate relationship between teacher self-esteem and the school climate. Additional sub-categories of relationships and teaching learning indicated moderate relationships with teacher self-esteem. These findings lead to suggestions for improving factors in the school climate including incorporating a positive-based intervention and support program. Suggestions for implementing inclusive and person-centered policies and procedures at school level, local, state, and federal levels and development of growth-based evaluations and supports for new teachers are explored. Other suggestions include additional research and testing on the newly designed school climate inventory which Cronbach's alpha of .863 indicated high reliability and further research on the multi-factored relationship between teacher self-esteem and the school climate.


teachers, elementary school, school climate, self-esteem

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