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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


Melissa Lundquist


In this systematic review, an investigation of research on effective interventions when working with Cambodian refugees was conducted. Through a comprehensive literature search, 5 articles met the set inclusion criteria. Peer-reviewed journal articles on quantitative or qualitative research studies on Cambodian refugees as the data resource. The review found four categories and strategies of interventions: traditional healers, pharmacotherapy treatment, implication of treatment, and assessment issues, family intervention, and use of interpreters. The results of the review demonstrated an overall improvement of traumatized Cambodian refugees. The majority of the interventions demonstrated pharmacotherapy for symptomology of diagnosis. Furthermore, this project indicates the ongoing need for cultural sensitivity, curiosity, and responsiveness as means for effective cross-cultural interventions.


effective interventions, Cambodian refugees, systematic literature review

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