Social Work



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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

Type of Paper/Work

Clinical research paper


Kari L. Fletcher


In this systematic review, literature regarding youth experiencing homelessness and the clinical interventions focused on safety towards youth experiencing homelessness were synthesized. Using two databases SocINDEX, and PsychINFO; 10 studies regarding clinical interventions met criteria for the review. Each study was analyzed in population, intervention, and findings; while contrasting and comparing the definition of safety and the safety concerns between the clinical interventions. The findings identified focus areas of safety which include chemical health reduction, promoting harm reduction, psychological health, resilience, and service utilization. The primary safety focus areas were reduced to chemical health reduction, promoting harm reduction, and psychological health. Implications for future research should focus on following through clinical intervention with youth who are experiencing homelessness as well as having larger randomized populations.

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