Social Work

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


Jessica Toft


This research aims to explore the intersection of two factors, the positively regarded veteran and negatively viewed criminal. Through that exploration this research will look more deeply into the attitudes of professionals working with veterans that commit crimes and whether a criminal background affects VTC providers' perspectives of the veteran clients with whom they work. Utilizing a 22-question survey consisting of quantitative and qualitative items, respondents were asked questions focused on attitudes towards veterans, crime, veterans that commit crimes and punishment. In addition, this research examined the level of control each respondent felt in the admission and termination processes. Lastly, looking at program improvement, respondents were asked to identify one rule they would like to change in the VTC. This research determined that most decisions for both entry and termination are made utilizing a team approach, professionals thought highly of veterans, most believed that veterans deserve a second chance and that veterans have unique experiences, which justifies the development of a specialized court to meet their needs.


veteran treatment court, attitudes towards veterans, military

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