Social Work

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


Lance T. Peterson


This systematic review explored the use of restorative practices in a school setting. It looks at what practices are used, how those practices are used and the effectiveness of those practices. Peacemaking circles, family group conferencing and victim-offender mediation are the three models of restorative practices that were reviewed. Twenty-three schools and school districts were reviewed. Five were school districts, four were primary schools and 14 were secondary schools. The most common outcomes with the use of restorative practices included: reduced suspension rates, reduced behavioral referrals out of the classroom, improved attendance, decreased expulsions, decreased student fights and a decrease in general student misbehavior. The reduction of suspensions was documented at 15 schools. Peacemaking circles were the most common model of restorative practices used. They were used by 17 schools. Family group conferences were used by 12 schools and mediations were used by 9 schools. All of the studies and reports review showed positive outcomes with the use of restorative practices.


restorative practices, restorative justice, school behavior

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