Working in the Gray: An Urban Drop-In Center Utilizing Trauma-Informed Care With Youth Experiencing Homelessness


Social Work

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


David Roseborough


Youth experiencing homelessness are significantly more likely to be victimized or exposed to traumatic experiences through their means of daily survival. This study was designed to determine how a drop-in center or similar agencies can use trauma-informed care to best assist the youth in addressing their needs. The study's findings allow for a better understanding of the successes and challenges experienced while implementing trauma-informed care with the unique population of homeless youth. This qualitative study was conducted by interviewing eight staff at an urban drop-in center for youth experiencing homelessness. The results from the study were organized into three themes: components of successful trauma-informed care, unique aspects for using trauma-informed care with homeless youth, and challenges with implementing trauma-informed care. These themes and specific sub-themes for each were explored, along with possible implications for these findings. Considering the findings of this study, suggestions are made for future research of trauma-informed care.


trauma-informed care, homeless, youth, drop-in center

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