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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Clinical research paper


Sarah Ferguson


In this systematic review, I explored the topic of the parenting skills of adults who had experienced childhood abuse, trauma, and neglect and how that experience impacts their ability to become effective parents to their own children. The literature review provided information showing that adults who experienced childhood abuse may have a difficult time parenting their own children if they don’t have the ability to form attachment, develop resilience and protective measures, and learn parenting skills. A focused literature search found twenty-three articles, three books, and various government websites that provided the information used in this research paper. A theme found throughout many of the articles was the importance of effective interventions when working with parents to help them improve their parenting skills. Another theme I was able to identify throughout the literature, was the impact childhood resilience has on the motivations of a parent. Often they are invested in avoiding the abusive or neglectful parenting techniques they experienced with their own children. Lastly, the importance of a healthy attachment bond between parent and child was the main theme mentioned in all of the literature related to a healthy parental bond. This systematic review notes the factors that contribute to successful parenting skills and the need for social work professionals to understand the implications for clients impacted by this issue.


parenting skills, adult survivors, child abuse

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